Mary has helped us with a couple of projects over the years.

We are restoring a 100 year old home. The center staircase is a focal point of the home so we wanted it to look both historically accurate and beautiful. Mary refinished the entire handrail and newel posts to a historical look. We have received numerous compliments from our guests as to how magnificent it looks.

The next project was the teak brightwork on a Beneteau 40.7 “SOCIABLE”. All of the exterior teak had been neglected over the years to a grey, dirty and pitted appearance. Mary was commissioned to restore the teak on the boat. She sanded stripped and refinished the entire boat. It is now in Bristol condition. Mary also suggested some grip sections in some of the step areas of the teak surfaces. This has been a tremendous improvement in our ability and safety to move about the deck areas. Mary has also completed routine maintenance on the teak. We have recieved many compliments at the dock and recommended Mary to other boaters.

A year later she worked on the interior of the “SOCIABLE”. She refinished many worn areas and preformed flawless repairs on teak veneer. She also made many recommendations on guarding and maintaining some of the wear points in the interior.

Mary takes extreme pride in her workmanship and periodically follows up with us to ensure we are taking proper care of the finishes she has applied. I highly recommend FINE YACHT FINISHING to anyone wanting a first class Bristol finish on their bright work.

Brian Adams

Loved the seminar. For just two hours you sure covered a lot of ground.

John Berens

Tom and I went for a sail last night, the bright work looks great !!!!!!!!!! It is amazing how much better it looks with out the blue tape.

Dave Pollock

Ahoy Mary,

I attended your class/seminar on Varnishing at the January Strictly Sail Show (SSS) in Chicago – I was blown away by your class!

I’ve been attending classes at the SSS for 7 years and have never had one that went as in depth as your class. Your preparation, slides, handouts and stories were extremely helpful. I would have expected with all the work that you put into this class that you would have been one of the 1/2 day seminar providers.

It was like drinking water from a fire hose at your class. I was furiously taking notes, referencing your handout and asking questions (and glad that others were asking the questions that I did not know enough to ask).

You’ve set the bar for the quality of these classes to a level that will be hard to beat. Ya, I’m gushing (and this email is a bit tardy in coming) but I talked to my wife about your class for the next hour, you should have heard me gush then!

Thank you so much for providing such a well structured class to talk about this unknown (at least to me) art & science. You’ve brought varnishing into the realm of the possible for me now, which is a huge gift. And for those projects that are in the realm of impossible, I have your contact information. 😉

I look forward to the publishing of your book and wish you much success both in your Brightwork, teaching and publishing endeavors.

Thanks again Mary,
Ron Sova

Ron Sova