Catalina 34

When I took on this project the wood work was all removed from the boat and in a heap in the clients basement.

Catalina 34_1

Everything was completely stripped to bare wood, epoxy repairs where done, bottom mounting surfaces sealed with 2 coats of varnish, and everything re-varnished to 2 coats. Wood was re-installed on the boat with new wood bungs and bedded with Dolfinite Bedding Compound. New Bungs were varnished to 2 coats and then everything was varnished to 8 coats. The handrails and hatch boards have 10 coats Epifanes gloss varnish.


Catalina 34_2

Hand rails and cabin top eyebrow.


Catalina 34_3

10 coats of Epifanes gloss varnish on hatch boards.


Catalina 34_4

Hatch slide, cockpit trim and hatch boards.