Marlow 57

Marlow 57 after extensive varnish restoration.

Marlow 57_2

5 fresh coats of Epifanes gloss varnish on top of existing varnish.


Marlow 57_5

Forward cap rail and hand rail with 5 coats Epifanes gloss varnish.


Marlow 57_6

Showing off Fine Yacht Finishing,LLC banner and shiny new varnish job at Milwaukee Yacht Club.


Marlow 57_7

Varnish deterioration “BEFORE” restoration.


Marlow 57_9

Extreme varnish deterioration on forward handrails “Before” varnish restoration. Seams are deteriorated to bare wood.


Marlow 57_10

Varnish deterioration on forward cap rail “BEFORE” varnish restoration.


Marlow 57_11

5th coat of fresh varnish set up just before the rain.


Marlow 57_12

My corner office.  Varnish restoration in progress. Varnishing hand rail with a spectacular Epifanes oval brush.  Working in a swim suit keeps sleeves from dragging in the varnish when your doing cap rails and handrails top and bottom.