Fine Yacht Finishing, LLC is a unique Milwaukee based company specializing in marine wood finishing and varnish application. We work with boat owners consulting on interior and exterior wood finish options. Clients yachting needs, and budget are carefully considered when preparing estimates, maintenance programs and restoration plans for any size boat.

maryFine Yacht Finishing, LLC is proud to offer these services:

Consulting services are tailored to the clients needs, age, type, size of boat, and budget are considered. A simple walk through with client may suffice, or a detailed written report on condition, with recommendations for cleaning, repair, restoration, on going maintenance and estimate are available.

Maintenance programs are an on going necessity and recommended for every boat, at least annually. Detailed written multi year programs are available for any size boat.

Restoration including removal of existing finish, sanding, expert stain matching, application of new stain and finish, wet sanding and buffing of varnish for a mirror like finish.

We also offer removal of wood trim and hardware ,installation and re-bedding of wood trim and hardware, epoxy repair, wood bung and veneer repair or replacement, painting and caulking. Recommendations for major structural repair, fiberglass, engines, electrical work and boat covers are available from qualified contractors.

Seminars and Instruction are available geared for groups or individuals, and any skill level. If the client wants to learn to varnish and maintain their own boat Fine Yacht Finishing, LLC is happy to work side by side and provide a working outline, materials list and hands on instruction from start to finish.

Travel logistics and assistance with delivery, docking and boat storage for any season.


Fine Yacht Finishing, LLC offers marine finishes and outfitting from these fine companies:

About Mary Richter, Owner

Owner Mary Richter started her wood finishing career working in her mothers antique business in the 1970’s. She built and finished her first wood boat at age 20 while earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Functional Design from UW Oshkosh in 1983.

Living in Alaska for most of the 1980’s and 90’s offered boating opportunities in ocean kayaking, white water rafting and the 1600 mile boat delivery of a new commercial fishing boat, and commercial fishing in the Bering Sea near Dutch Harbor. After working for BP on the Arctic Ocean near Prudhoe Bay as safety personnel and EMT she opted for a change of pace and moved to the east coast restoring several boats, and racing a 12 meter boat with Gary Jobson.

Returning to Wisconsin in 1997 her involvement in the building of the 3 masted schooner “Dennis Sullivan” turned into a full time job working with Bill Emery, former Manager at Palmer Johnson and contributor at Swan. A full blown love of beautiful high end boats and their care was born.

Mary is a long time member of South Shore Yacht Club in Milwaukee, Member of the Antique and Classic Boat Society, Member of US Sailing, Safety at Sea Certified, and holds a US Coast Guard OUPV/6 pak Captains License. She operates Fine Yacht Finishing, LLC full time and races big fast sail boats for fun! She has also been known to appear in mermaid form on boats beautifully varnished by Fine Yacht Finishing, LLC.